Soap on a Rope


We were asked to make a soap on a rope for a shearer. He always wanted to know where his soap was when he came out of the shearing shed. It’s ideal for kids too as many parents have commented how great it is that soaps no longer go missing in the bath or get left on the shower floor.

We make them in a range of our soaps. Scented, unscented, plain soap or with exfoliants. All natural of course.
So if you need a soap that is easy to find, hangs conveniently in the shower and stays dry, then this is the one for you.
When you order, please give me a couple of preferences, as not all types are available.

All Natural. Handcrafted. Small Batch Processing.
NO palm oil and NO animal testing. EVER.
Colours and scents of Feirmlee Naturals Mudgee soaps and products may vary between batches due to seasonal variations and availability. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

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All standard Feirmlee Natural Mudgee soap varieties can be ordered as Slabs or in Giftboxes of 3