OUR VARIETIES: For Orders please email us , we are happy to post.  Some varieties are subject to season and raw product availability. Exciting new additions are added to our range continuously.

• Olive Oil….
Award Winning Silky Silver Excellence
• Lavender….
Silky mauve memories & calmness

• Lemon Scented Gum & Calendula Petals….
Fresh scents of yellow brightness and petals

• Lemon Myrtle….
Crisp renewal of the senses
• Lemon Myrtle & Wattle Seed Scrub…
Crisp renewal of senses with a nutty seed scrub.
• Peppermint….
Energising, uplifting & invigorating
• Peppermint & Coffee Scrub
Stimulating & refreshing scrubby scrub
• Oatmeal …
soothing & comforting
• Rose Geranium…
Aroma of the garden
• Rose Geranium & Rosewood…
Scents of garden with warm timber
• Lavender, Rose Geranium & Rosewood …
Calming scents of the garden with rich timber hues
• Patchouli plus …
Sweet dark, earthy forest scents

• Sandalwood Scrub…
Woody fragrance with a stimulating scrub
• Spearmint & Organic Quinoa Scrub
stimulating freshness with an ancient fine seed scrub
• Peppermint Gum …
Clean fresh scent, fresh morning
• Lemon Grass …
Uplifting freshness
• Goat’s Milk …
Reassuring simplicity

• Vanilla pod …
Pod of the orchid
• Lavender Rose Geranium & Lavender Flowers ….
Rapture of the garden

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We have a range of stockists in Mudgee:

Cafe 89

Artisans on Lewis

Fairview Art Space

Mainly Mudgee

Go Vita Mudgee

Mudgee Tourist and Information Centre.

Hair Organic Mudgee

St John’s Church Market (1st Saturday)

Lawson Park Market (2nd Saturday)


Each one has a range which differs from the others.

Please contact us if there is a specific product you are looking for and we can point you to the right direction.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist/market seller of our wonderful products please contact us for more information. We are happy to wholesale.

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