Olive Oil Soap


This is our medal winning Olive Oil Soap.  Pure and unscented, made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to produce a beautifully smooth moisturising soap.

Olive oil soap is hypoallergenic and antioxidant rich, and is ideal for all ages and all skin and hair types.  No wonder it forms the basis of all our varieties of soap! (vegan soaps excluded).

All Natural. Handcrafted. Small Batch Processing.
NO palm oil and NO animal testing. EVER.
Colours and scents of Feirmlee Naturals Mudgee soaps and products may vary between batches due to seasonal variations and availability. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

Shipping, Returns and Order Cancellations.

All standard Feirmlee Natural Mudgee soap varieties can be ordered as Slabs or in Giftboxes of 3