A little about me

I have realised that nowhere on this website has anything about me, or my hopes and aims.

So here goes:

I started making soaps and massage balms for my family and friends, some of whom had “needy skin”, that required a let us say, a more delicate approach.

I used my massage balm in my practice, with great results, and the feed back I received from my customers was very supportive and positive. With great support and prompting from my husband, Ray. I decided to offer my products to the broader community. My aim was to produce the most caring, all round fantastic, well, the perfect soap for all people, using as many foods, quality oils, natural scents and cosmetic clays. I believe if you cant eat it you should not put it on your skin. Now, please do not eat the soap it is for external use only. I found that strong and artificial scents affected my sinus in a negative way, so by using real vanilla pods and such, I could produce the scent I wanted without the unwanted side effects.

I wanted it to be cost effective so that all people could afford to use it, but to feel like a “million dollars”. I want to share that great feeling of naturalness with you.

I am an accredited practitioner in aromatherapy, remedial massage, herbal medicine and reflexology. I started studying in 1992, and have been working as a practitioner and/or in related areas, since 1999. I wanted to become more holistic. I love to share my knowledge and skills with others, and to empower and assist in improving quality of health, happiness and life, to all I come in contact with.

I have also completed my diploma in Community Welfare and worked as a Welfare Office in Psyche & Drug and Alcohol for a while.

Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.