New Varities

We have a whole heap of new scents and sensations.
our new ones are based on our Award winning Olive Oil with
Lemons  Limes
lavender, rose geranium & lavender flowers
Double goats milk
we have also guest soaps ( smaller variety) all with the same great ingredients as our larger soaps (Blocks)

We are always striving and committed to bringing you the best and most unique with our products.

Contact us for all the latest scents and combinations

So what have you got for Christmas? Need some ideas?

Well, Christmas is just around the corner, only weeks to go !!

So have you thought of soaps for gifts?


They are practical, useful, and beneficial, and you don’t have to dust them.

We have a large range of scented and unscented soaps, that also include exfoliating ones.

So whether your a floral lover, and earthy person or a non scenter, we have varieties for all skin types and needs.

Another fantastic gift is our loofahs…….. our long handled ones filled with our soaps, lasts for ages, great of all ages, or our smaller ones, the perfect hand held size. These come in all different scents.

some of our gorgeous soaps on our olives

If you prefer just the plain loofah, try our little loofah disk, just add water to swell them into the perfect face cleaning pad. Use with our soaps or your favourite cleanser for a great face cleanse after a hot day.

Check out our range, maybe a box of 3, make it individual with your choice of the 3 to go into it, or just one, we can package them in an organza bag (Gold, Olive or Silver).

Whether you need a present for a gift or a thank you, we have something just for you.

If you would like some ideas how about a basket full of goodies, …….we have coconut fibre brushes for the dishes, veggies, bottles and dishes. A great gift ..

For orders or any inquiries please phone, text, email or facebook message.

Check out our Facebook page for the latest information.

Remember Mudgee Soaps by Feirmlee Naturals Mudgee & Mudgee Soaps are


Just the thing for that special someone

Just the thing for that special someone

Happy New Year

Thank you to all of our customers for their patronage over the 2013.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to catch up with all those family and friends.

I hope that 2014 will bring success in all the hopes and dreams.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and catching up at the markets.

Happy New Year

New Olive Oil Soaps

We have been developing some new scents and textures with our award winning Olive Oil Soap as the basis.

Lemon Myrtle
Peppermint & coffee scrub
Sandalwood scrub
Lavender, Rose Geranium & Lavender Flowers
Olive Oil & Oatmeal
just to name a few,

please contact us if you would like a more concise list.

Olive oil soaps are emulsifying, and moisturising, especially good for dry skin and those who need extra TLC. Try it and see how you feel. We have been having a lot of feedback about how wonderful our olive oil soap is for hair as well.

New Products and ideas for Christmas

We have now some great new products, all natural Goat Milk Face and Body Lotion 100g on $8.50, I am busy finding bigger sizes, we also have great all natural cleansers, moisturisers, and more products all the time. Just send me a note to find out more. We also have a range of Natures Quest skin and hair care, also great for the Christmas stocking.

We have unfortunately had to increase our gift box price, due to high costs of boxes etc. Now you can get one of our gift boxes with 4 soaps of your choice for only $17.95. Just a thought for a Christmas idea.

Our massage balms and soaps make the perfect gift for anyone, and we are happy to post. 1 massage balm and 3 soap weigh less than 500gms so the Australia Post bag (<500g) is only $8.25 postage (prices subject to change as per Aust. Post) Looking forward to hearing from you all, Love to hear the feed back about our products, please feel free to email me.

Natures Quest

Remember we have a great range of Natures Quest Skin and Hair care products.
All paraben & SLS free,
just contact me for prices or check out their website.

Latest Prices

Australia Post has put up their postage prices.
Latest Prices from 23.8.13
Up to 500g (approx 6 soap) $8.35
Up to 3kg (approx 36 soap) $13.40
Up to 5kg (approx 56 soap) $16.70
please feel free to contact me for prices on other product postage.
Our gift box are $17.95 ( your pick of 4 soap)